Independent Baptist Ladies’ Retreat

Each Fall, our church hosts a regional Ladies’ Retreat.This meeting is supported by churches all over north Texas, Oklahoma and beyond.

Click here to be transferred to our new IBLR website with information and online registration (opens in a new tab/window).

2 Responses to Independent Baptist Ladies’ Retreat

  1. Heather Fernandez says:

    Good morning! Will there be tables with cd’s, books and homemade items this year?

  2. Nicki Creel says:

    My daughter & i would like to go to the 2021 retreat this year, but the information on the site is quite confusing. It says that registration should be open now, but then it also says that registration is not open yet. Then it states that for late registration there’s a process increase. I was hoping to avoid this. If someone would reach out to me, I would greatly appreciate it.
    (214) 886-4040
    Nicki Creel

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