Youth Department

Our teenagers are a very important part of our church. Our Youth Ministry is designed to help teenagers through the difficult teenage years while helping them to develop into the young adults that God wants them to be. Our Youth Department strives to develop and encourage purity, right living, and godliness. Our youth workers are seasoned adults that  love teenagers and set a good example for them to follow.

The goal of our youth group is not to be cool in the world’s eyes but to be committed and consecrated in the Lord’s eyes.

Throughout the year, our teenagers enjoy many different activities. Some are service activities, such as ministering in nursing homes, outreach projects, or community involvement. Other activities are social, allowing the teenagers to enjoy building friendships together. Our youth group attends summer camp and youth rallies throughout the year as well.

During the school year, the Pastor teaches the TRAC program on Sunday evenings before the service.