What To Expect On Your First Visit


What are the services like?

All of our church services are considered traditional. The services begin with uplifting music, prayer, and a time of greeting, followed by a practical message from the Bible.

Will I have an opportunity to meet my children’s Sunday School teachers?

Yes. Our 10 am Sunday School begins with a Grand Assembly in the auditorium (just come in the front door from the parking lot). During this time, all of the classes assemble for the first few minutes for fellowship, singing and prayer. It is a great opportunity to meet our teachers and for your children to meet other children their age before going off to class.

Do you have a children’s church service?

Yes, we have an excellent junior church program for children 12 years old and under. They meet in our church gym for songs and Bible preaching. This program is led by our Children’s Pastor, Bro. Shelby Pritchard, and his team of helpers. We understand that many parents may prefer to keep their children with them in the main service the first time they visit, but the junior church service is available if your kids would like to attend!

Do you have a nursery available?

Yes, for children up through age 3. Just come in the front door and our ushers will direct you to the nursery area and introduce you to the nursery workers. We have a pager system which will allow the nursery workers to contact you if there are any problems or needs during the service.

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